Malachite Armoire Desk *SOLD*


Malachite, is often called “the stone of transformation”, and what a transformation indeed! This vintage armoire is now a functional workspace for the design-minded individual with little room for an office. Much like the gemstone, the vibrant greens and banded patterns give off a sense of energy as they dance along the surfaces. We added a light to brighten it up for late night research. The desk space slides out, making it a comfortable seating area and there is also a slide out tray for the printer. Three drawers can stow away copy paper and other office utensils. The chair is also a jewel, hand painted to match and unique upholstery! This set will surely create a happy workspace for your room!


Armoire $1497
36.5” wide 20.5” deep 55” tall

Chair $297
23.5” wide 18.5” deep 36” tall


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